Monday, March 21, 2011

Mud and blood

First full day of spring today. I've used up well over half allotted to me in this lifetime.

Got some serious planting done yesterday. Every year I am surprised at how muddy mud can be, then surprised again as I wash my hands in the sink, the dirt tracking into the drain, dark and sinuous, like blood from a deep wound.

The difference? There's a lot more life in a handful of decent dirt than in my veins.

I don't recommend that every child see her own blood washed down the drain, but I do recommend a life where that remains a possibility.

Photo by Leslie.
Now that's a lot of mud.


The Dirt on Soil said...

Best. Mud cracks. Ever.

doyle said...

Dear Dirt,

I need to get back there again--it's a challenge to walk on it.