Sunday, December 17, 2017

Teaching isn't about you....

Some stuff on my windowsill,
given freely by the world.
It's not about passion of the teacher, finding the soul of a child, or lighting a fire in a kid's brain. It never was.

 It's simply showing a child the world that's herenow beyond the human noise.

The recent rush to classroom love-fests fails to acknowledge the value of the old curmudgeon who taught a few decades ago, gruff yet beloved, because she was not the point of class.

The world was.

Why do you think books matter to children so much?


penny said...

Totally right, we are not the point!

doyle said...

Dear Penny,

One of the benefits of blogging is finding others through the comments--and glad to have found yours today. =)

Anonymous said...

Here’s to the memory of a few curmudgeons of old....Cavallo (9th grade biology), Lehman (12th grade chemistry), Purrachio (?? grade Shakespeare). I’d include Doyle, but she simply wasn’t a curmudgeon, just a great english teacher.

doyle said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the memories--alas, my concussion in 9th grade wiped out my memories of my biology teacher. I have no idea who it was, couldn't even tell you his or her sex. Lehman turned me on to chemistry in a huge way--I adored her!

And my mom, well, she taught me most of what I knew growing up *and* she loved me. =)

(Were you part of the class of '77?)