Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

A couple of year's ago on New Year's eve.
Closest thing I come to resolutions these days.

I watched the sun as it set yesterday.
I watched the sun as it rose again this morning.

I don't do this often enough, few of us do.

Just a few minutes after the sun broke through this morning, a twitchy squirrel sat on top of a fence post, still, facing the sun, then resumed his twitchiness.

A vulture flew within 20 feet of me, its under feathers reflecting the sunlight as it banked.

I just watched.
It would have happened anyway.
And it's happening anyway.

And it will keep on happening....


Kate T said...

Happy New Year, Doyle -

I resolve to keep my eyes open as well.

doyle said...

Happy New Year--hope you're back on your feet soon.

(I wish I could keep my eyes open for more than moments--I need to go back to talking to my crow friend.)

Purviben K. trivedi-Ziemba said...

Happy, Healthy & Joyful 2018 Doyle.

The picture in the post- Is it Bayonne Park or Elizabeth "harbor".

Happy Teaching.


doyle said...

Happy New Year!

The picture is from North Cape May, looking at a setting winter sun on the Delaware Bay.

Jenny said...

I complain quite a bit through November and into December about the short days. But reading this reminded me how much I enjoy seeing the sunrise and the sunset so often.