Saturday, December 30, 2017

E-phemeral words

Found on our classroom typewriter....
Not so long ago, likely within your lifetime and certainly within mine, high schools had the same cliques and cruelty, but with a big difference. Bullying was personal.  This does not make it any better, and in some ways made it hurt more, but cyber-bullying is easy and anonymous, a big reason it is so prevalent. We crowd-source our cowardice.

Simply telling a child to lose her smartphone for a week is not going to work. She may feel better for a few days (once she gets past those first few hours of dopamine deficiency), but unless she has a relationship with the world around her, or with books, or with a few close people, she has been ostracized from her community.

We need to reclaim writing as a physical form--an act of creating a physical connection shared intimately (and only) with those with whom we choose. Folded notes passed discretely during class, etched words (not just penises) on desks, hearts carved on trees, letters delivered by mail carriers, all physical manifestations of our ideas

In our haste to move forward, we forget what we leave behind.

It's not nostalgic if you're still using it....

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Purviben K. trivedi-Ziemba said...


I agree that we need to explore more writing / reading and meet our students where they are. May I share couple of resources with you?

Student Blogging Challenge is a blogging challenge in 10 week cycle offered to students twice a year - in March and in October. The goal is for students to write a blog, get visitors (hence connection with wider world)and get a boost in their confidence. The mentors visit the blogs at least once a week. The teachers can set up class blogs as part of the curriculum.

100 Word Challenge
This is ongoing challenge. The students are assigned mentors who comment on their weekly submission. One of the neat thing about this is Class Hubs were 3 or more classes can connect with one another. Beauty of being mentor for this challenge is if you choose to be part of the Team 100 WC to comment on the student submissions, you will be reading from different writers each week.

Best wishes.

Yours in Learning,