Sunday, December 8, 2013

Price of hypocrisy is life

The sun will set a few seconds later today than it did yesterday, at least in these parts.
The days are still getting shorter, of course, and will for a couple more weeks, but the sunset is now tracking back to its June glory, when it sets over 3 hours later than it does today.

North Cape May, winter sun

A gentle snow is falling.

Last night we ate clams from the flats, harvested in August, and Brussels sprouts from the backyard, planted last spring.

In the past day I stood at the edge of the Atlantic, watching the wind whip the waves into a frenzy. I saw stars at midnight, Jupiter framing Castor and Pollux. I saw a junco parrying in a cedar tree on a sand dune bordering the edge of ocean.

I also got into a spitting contest with Randi Weingarten on Twitter (because I believe money has influence), fretted away an hour pondering how to fix my doomed SGO (because I still dither over data), and made my ESPN Pick'Ems (I got the Bills upsetting the Bucs). None of these would matter if I were mortal.

The price of hypocrisy is life itself.

Good thing the sun's starting to straighten itself out again,,,,

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