Sunday, December 15, 2013

4:30 P.M.

All news worth knowing is local, unless you make a special effort to change something outside your village. Most of us don't.

We can blame the raucous behavior of kids, of shoppers, of drivers, and of whatever labeled group you love to hate these days on the coming holidays, on commercialism, on too much candy with too little discipline, on the holiday party booze.

Look closely at your skin. Hairs.
Look at the front of your chest. Nipples.
Feel the back of your hand with the other. Warmth.

We are mammals.
We depend on the sun for life.
The sun has disappeared earlier and earlier every day for months now.

Sun sets at 4:39 in North Cape May today.

Yesterday it set at 4:29 P.M in these parts.
Today it sets at 4:30.

Natalis solis invicti.
A pretty good a reason for the season.

Yes, I know the days are still getting shorter...but the later sunsets now is cause for joy.


Jenny said...

My daughters (10 and 7) and I have been struggling with the lack of light lately. Not too long ago we sat down and talked about how the days have been getting shorter and how soon the days will begin getting longer. I was honest about how slowly that will happen but we all rejoiced in the idea that we will begin moving toward more light soon. Knowing that gives us hope.

doyle said...

Dear Jenny,

Maybe posting the times of the later sunsets on the refrigerator can help--you can check your town here:

Kate said...

It's more like 4:20 in our latitude, and the sun just keeps rising later each day. One week. And then the days get longer. This crazy cold weather has only added to the urge to pull the covers over my head. But we keep hoping. And lighting candles and making food and laughing. Here is to the solstice (and the anniversary of the birth of my eldest - two decades now)