Saturday, January 2, 2010

Think, Arne, think

"The message here is unmistakable: We have no choice but to educate our way to a better economy. And if you care about job growth and boosting incomes, schools are the game changer."

Arne Duncan
, Remarks to the National Conference of State Legislatures
December 10, 2009

Nice rhetoric.

Here's the real game-changer:

In our current economy, 10% of the population grabs over 70% 0f the wealth, numbers we haven't seen since before the last Great Depression.

If you prefer pie charts, here's one put together by G. William Domhoff:

If every last one of our children earned an advanced degree within 8 years of graduating from high school, we'd still have a problem.

Oversimplification? Perhaps. Hard to hold an adult discussion anymore.

The diagram put together by the Wobblies--not just your great-grandparents' union.


Kelly "WW of the W" said...

I could send some flying monkeys over if your rational plea doesn't work...

John Spencer said...

Unmistakable is one of those loaded words that makes me really nervous, especially when spoken from someone in power.

doyle said...

Dear Kelly,

Ah, so you have the golden hat! Looks like your flying monkeys are going to get a workout--rational pleas do not work well at the national level.

Dear John,

"Unmistakable" is almost as scary as "incentivize."

Are you a flying monkey?