Saturday, January 9, 2010

January sunset

Just took this picture a few hours ago. It's a bit chilly at the edge of the Delaware Bay, and the breeze was kicking up to 25 knots, but Leslie and I wandered outside anyway, as we pretty much do whenever we can.

Our imaginations are too small for this world.

And you're going to enjoy it, even if we have to legislate it.
Where's Walt Kelly when we need him? Congress puts The Onion to shame.


Kelly said...

What do you think?

Barry Bachenheimer said...

Great picture.

What were your reactions to the conference on Wednesday? You looked a little dissapointed, or was I wrong?

doyle said...

Dear Kelly,

Interesting post! I am not sure how you can teach biology without discussing the history of nature.

(Yep, we have a timeline in the room, 1 meter for every billion years--it wraps around the wall--and we have a timeline of human dev't, made by a child in another class.)

Dear Barry,

I enjoyed the conference, briefly raved about it to Gregg Festa on the way out, and have already used some stuff I didn't know existed before. (, btw, makes for a neat way to approach taxonomy.)

I was hoping to put my thoughts down on paper via the typewriter and get that letter to you, maybe even volunteer to lead a curmudgeon's techno-luddite view of the universe next year.

(You are astute, though--I was wheezing a bit off and on during the day, and may have looked a tad bedraggled despite the truly stimulating stuff going on around me. By the end of the afternoon session, my brain was shot.)

Barry Bachenheimer said...

Fair enough! And yes, I'd love to have Luddite presentation at a technology conference. This year the student led keynote was our ground breaker. That will be our ground breaker next year.