Friday, December 26, 2008

Windows registry

I can't help myself. The registry has a virus. Or two. Or Thirty. I spent about 17 seconds debating whether to toss out a particular file.
A file I did not recognize.

I knew better. Really. But the Enter key called me like a Siren on estrogen.

And yes, I did.

All kinds of fun now.

I am considering reformatting the hard drive and installing linux. Why not blow the winter break on a mindless trek into the insular universe of man?

Anyone want to talk me out of it?

(If I disappear for a bit, chalk it up to the BSOD....)

The image is from Jeff Atwood's blog, the Coding Horror--I wish I checked in before I fubared my binary universe.


lucychili said...

Living happily in Ubuntu Linux
Wishing you a gentle journey to freedom
Holler if things get tricky
Perhaps we can help

Signed a Southern Penguinista

doyle said...

I may start the new year with a new OS and a new home for my blog, or I may just say "Blyaech!", put up with the nonsense, and start focusing on a world less dependent on a monitor.

I'm guessing if this thing blows up, I might benefit more than lose.

(Hey, I can still read your words over on E2 at the library. Great stuff!)

Sean Nash said...

I'll stop you. Get a Mac. Seriously. You don't "enjoy" technology any more than I do... and I know you probably think I do. Most people tend to.

I don't. Get a Mac. You'll never look back- and you'll never again with you knew more about the "registry". Ick.


Anonymous said...

This is great stuff. Thanks for the entertainment. You're making science interesting for those who otherwise might pass it by. My own interest has waxed and waned over the years, though it's on a good kick right now. Learning lots of stuff, not the least by helping my daughter with AP bio (too much work for a HS kid I think). Keep up the good work.

Doug (of the Doug and Shauna link)

Anonymous said...

BTW...very funky picture of you


doyle said...

Dear Doug,

It's a rare treat to have a true scientist comment on here. As funky as my pic may be (blame age and ale), it cannot compare to a photo from almost 3 decades ago involving bottle caps and eyeballs. If I can find it, I'll be glad to post it.

Geez it's great to see your words!


I may indeed get a Mac next time. I used to enjoy Windows--I could dither with it and make it work, and there's something appealing about dithering. Now I'm lost.

Does OpenOffice work on Mac? (I could look it up in a few seconds, but just as easy to ask here.)

Angela the Magnificent said...

I will say that I loved Ubuntu every time I tried it, but that hardware issues can make it very frustrating.

I think it is worth a shot if your other options are reinstalling windows or buying a new computer.

In my very limited experience, Ubuntu is delightful on slightly older hardware as there is more time for the community to develop a knowledge base and driver support. You can still be screwed by hardware manufacturers who choose not to release firmware info/ driver info which make it very difficult to write drivers for the devices. Devices of particular concern are wireless network adapters and video cards.

But if windoze is borked already, the worst that could happen is that you install Ubuntu(or some other Linux, I only know Ub), hate it and reinstall Windows : )

Sean Nash said...

I once enjoyed tinkering with Windows as well. Now- the code is so bloated and quite unsavory. I am now past seeing a computer as anything but an interface.

Now for me- it is all about ease of use. The slick interface of the OSX won be over four year ago. I hated it the first week... and then a few months later sold every PC I owned.

It will allow you to not "focus on the monitor" quite as much.

And yes- I have Open Office on this machine as well as all 30 laptops in my (Erin's really) classroom.

lucychili said...

Yes open office is available for windows linux and mac

lucychili said...

There are not so many bloggers who bring the ozone of the real together with philosophy and society. I hope your blog is useful to you in the new year as it is much appreciated by those who read.
thankyou for e2

doyle said...

Thanks for everyone's help and kind words!


Windows is borked, my puter's a bit old, and I don't play games beyond Hearts, so I may try it anyway. Soon., When I get da noive.


I'm tempted by the Mac, but am hoping on a cheap fix here--I'm glad to see OpenOffice works on the Macs, too.

I suggested others use OpenOffice here, but folks are afraid of things not MS. Really.

I'm ready to toss the machine into the pond at the moment....


Thanks for the warm words words--Happy New Year!