Monday, December 22, 2008

NASA ducks

It's tough to find science news on Google--techie stuff, yes ("iPhone gift-giving tips" leads the list tonight), but real science rarely.

I wandered over to the BBC.

Seems that NASA has lost rubber duckies while exploring subglacial channels in Greenland (still located on Earth last time I checked). Ninety of them. No, really.


Louise Maine said...

Great article. Thanks for sharing. How interesting that you had to use the BBC. My students have to find articles that have data in them to review. Many have difficulty finding good articles.

Jonthan said...


For a good daily dose of science research news, go to: and set up the RSS feed for yourself.
More general interest-oriented is

Deployed Teacher said...

Interesting! I work at a court school in an incarcerated facility. The link to our news story explains what we are doing with NASA, a great organization.
Check out my deployedteacher blog to see if it can be of any help when school starts back up. I am trying to think of some science issues that I encounter in a deployed environment I can post for teachers.

doyle said...


Jonathan has a couple of good links below--I've used a bit when snooping for stuff to use with students.


Thanks for the links! I still find it amazing that the Google science news headlines miss so much.

@Deployed Teacher,

Wow, great blog! And thanks for sharing the story about NASA. Please get home safely.

Sean Nash said...

I think this sentence says a lot about me... and will clear up many things in your head.

>I have the BBC as an icon sitting on the main screen of my iPhone.<

Think about it.


doyle said...


I already figured out as much.
Anyone who reads poetry is damaged.

Imagine what the BBC would be if the British hadn't lost so much in the Great Wars.