Monday, December 15, 2008

If he's good enough for Margaret Spellings....

"I consider him a fellow reformer...."

Margaret Spellings

Please tell me I shouldn't be worried.

Photo of Arne Duncan lifted from the NYT(Photo: Charles Bennett/Associated Press)


momomom said...

Off topic here but you may like this site:

And your word verification thingie below the comment box just forced me to type "imick". Nope, that's you.


nashworld said...
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nashworld said...

I hadn't read that quote.

To be perfectly honest- from such a..... forget it. I'm too gentle to chew this woman (Ms. Spellings) apart on your blog. Besides, it wouldn't be about the woman anyway. It would be about an administration who gave a position to a person without a clue (but who was persuaded otherwise). Sad. For all of us.

I am generally encouraged by our changing of the guard. But I am 45-55 on this one.

*holding breath*............