Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happiness V: Get outside

Happiness I: Parable of the hired hand
Happiness II: Eating
Happiness III: Making Noise
Happiness IV: Keep moving
Oystering in North Cape May
That's it, enough to fix most of what ails most of us.

No point in walking a mile in someone else's shoes if you never bother to while wearing your own. (Barefoot works, too.)

Walking and being outside are not synonymous, of course, but each makes the other better.

Enough said--I need to get outside.


Jenny said...

The youngest, my husband, and I spent a couple of hours yesterday walking around a nearby lake. (The teenager didn't want to go and I didn't want to fight that battle. Next time I think I will.) Not only did we enjoy the plants and birds and other animals around us, but at some points on our walk there were lots of people. All ages and colors and languages. It made for a fantastic couple of hours.

doyle said...

Amen! =)