Sunday, April 16, 2017


13th century Seder, via Treehugger

I went to a Seder this week, my first one. I was a little bit nervous, at first--I was raised Irish (OK, Roman) Catholic culture that will not share Holy Communion with outsiders

I was welcomed by all, not unexpected, but still nice.

I read (and learned) from the Haggadah, something I did not know even existed a week ago.

Turns out Judaism (at least my brief exposure to it) values questioning (the Haggadah) over education (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), and (dare I say) kids over priests.

I think I am now a better teacher for it...
(Oh, and one more thing--turns out I love gefilte fish and matzoh stuffing.)


Kate T said...

I love our annual Seder - and so do my children. As I too was raised Irish (Roman) Catholic, I was hesitant at first but I have fully embraced Passover and the story of hope. And yes, so many questions are encouraged.
We have written our own Haggadah (borrowing our favorite parts and removing all the Zionist language) so we wish for next year in a world at peace. And we start with a poem by Jane Kenyon (Let Evening Come).
I have yet to develop a taste for Gefilte Fish (though with enough horseradish, it is okay). At our Seder it is replaced with smoked salmon.
It would have been enough. Indeed.
May peace and the hope for mankind, symbolized in the rebirth of the earth this spring, prevail. Dayeinu and Amen.

doyle said...

Dear Kate,

As always, thank you for the words. Everyone should be blessed with a Kate. And now to go find some Jane Kenyon--been a while.

(With enough horseradish, anything is OK--I have a couple of horseradish plant within a few feet of me now. I only dug up the roots once--I've developed a real fondness for their leaves. Dayeinu.)