Saturday, October 8, 2011

My first plug

This is a preview of a review of a must-read book for any teacher who attempts to teach science in public schools.

I got a copy back in August, and have been reading (and thinking and doing and arguing and questioning and playing) with it since. It's already scribbled all over, pages dog-eared, then dog-eared again.

I do not know the author--he emailed me cold back in July, and I was wary, very wary, of taking on a review--never did one, had no idea how. I still haven't done one.

But I've changed a few classroom practices, finally have a grip on wave theory, and hope to pass the book along like a Gideon Bible. But I'll have to buy extra copies to do that--I'm not letting go of this one.

And whenever I figure out how to write a real review, I'll do just that.....

I rotate a few favorite books that I read--literally--for years.
>This one joined the rotation, the first new book in the pile in two years

I was not paid for the review other than getting a copy of the book--
since I plan on buying another copy to share, as well as buying the 1st volume,
I don't think that counts as payola.


H. said...

OK, duly ordered from Amazon.

What are the other books in your rotation?

doyle said...

Dear H.,

Great question! Derrick Jensen, Wendell Berry, and W.B. Yeats rotate with Galway Kinnell, a collection of essays by plain folks (Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, etc.), Euell Gibbons, and Jacques Ellul.

Edward Abbey pokes his nose in, as well as Simone Weil. Jerry Mander was in, but less so recently.

And one of my favorites, Gene Logsdon, even wrote back to me once.

Spice Wings said...

Great find! Have requested my library network (here in the boonies of Melbourne Australia) to purchase both Vol I & II of Science Myths Unmasked.

Joshua M. Rosenberg said...

I teach 10th grade Bio in NC.

I mentioned you on a post my website: