Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zuckerberg Friends Cerf

Mark Zuckerberg donated a huge chunk of money, $100 million,  to Newark, to help education. A few other people kicked in $48 million more.

According to the Star-Ledger,  ~$11,700,000 has been spent so far. Less than 65% of that money has gone to "school-based programs." Over 15% has gone to Global Education Advisors, "a company started by Christopher Cerf before he became the state's acting education commissioner," a company that used Cerf's home address as its own, an "entirely ministerial" relationship according to Cerf.

Yep, almost 1 in every 6 dollars spent so far has gone to a company intimately associated with our current Acting Commissioner of Education.

Star-Ledger, February 24, 2011
Star-Ledger, October 28, 201

As Leslie pointed out, I had a shot at a chunk of that money.
At least I sleep well....

May well just be a misunderstanding, maybe nothing nefarious--just keep the money visible... 

Cerf photo is official one from NJ

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