Friday, April 22, 2011

Late April phenology

Just a few reminders for me.

First dolphin of the year today, surfacing about 20 yards from me as I tossed a piece of plastic at the ferry jetty. There was also a report by a local of a whale a mile off, but I missed it.

Oystercatchers sighted at two different spots.  One was preening, making an already ridiculous looking bird look even more ridiculous.

Water temperature is about 56 degrees in the bay.

The intact robin's egg still sits at the edge of the garden, more gray than blue now, a reminder amidst the budding exuberance.

The holly trees are flowering, promising red berries come next winter.

Photo by Alan D. Wilson, released under CC.


Kathryn J said...

Are the dolphins seasonal? Beautiful description of some of the highlights in your neighborhood today.

doyle said...

Dear Kathryn,

Thanks for the words.

Yep, the dolphins are seasonal. It gets pretty cold around here in winter, with a bit of ice some years.

They'll stay with us until fall.