Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No thanks, we'll stick to our valedictorian

“The winning school will understand that their number one priority is making sure that our kids are learning what they need to succeed in this 21st century economy.”

It's the same as any other century, Mr. President. What we need, truly need, comes from the earth, the air, the water, the sun. We learn about this in biology class.

But I suppose that's not what you meant.

Number one priority. Over community. Over democracy. Over pursuing happiness.

I though maybe selecting Arne was an accident. You were busy with wars and budgets, and gosh, Arne let you win a few games of hoops. He's not so bright, you surely saw that, but it's only education, and who would notice?

Turns out Arne truly is a marionette.

The Three Stooges poster is from Black Agenda Radio Commentaries here. Permission pending.


Anonymous said...

I once taught in a business school. we had one of those staff meetings, and had to put in order the priorities for a business - legality, morality, profits,...
One guy put profit as #1, over everything else. So everyone in my group looked at me (?) and I said - well, you're 50 and a businessman. As long as you believe that profits are more important than killing people, then I can't help you now.

He was very happy with himself.

doyle said...

Dear anonymous,

As we both know, it's not "business" per se that gets us in trouble.

Unfortunately, if a business is a corporation funded by publicly traded stocks, then, yes, maximizing profit is usually the goal of the corporate officers if the plan to remain corporate officers.