Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look up!

The sun burped on Monday--its breath will hit tonight.

Get outside and look up--auroras are possible in this neck of the woods, and possibly as far south as D.C. We have an even better shot tomorrow.

The moon's practically full, so even if we get the show, it may be washed out a bit. But that's OK, that same full moon is opening up tidal flats for dinner on Saturday.

Not often one gets a shot at an aurora and clams in the same week in February.


Anonymous said...

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John T. Spencer said...

We don't get to see much of anything in the sky around here. The street lights are bright and spaced about ten feet from one another.

The government can decide whether or not a gay couple can be committed and in love, but it's none of their damned business if we can't see the sky.

And that's Phoenix for you. Incidentally, Tucson knows better.

doyle said...

Dear John,

We saw an aurora here in Bloomfield a few years ago--we have severe light pollution, but you just never know.

The gummint can hardly protect the air and the water--too few folks realize what we lose when we can no longer see the sky.

John T. Spencer said...

Perhaps the most dangerous part of the light pollution argument is that it's been relegated to an issue of beauty and not public safety or conservation. (Not that aesthetics don't matter) Few people understand the ecological aspects of it.

doyle said...

Dear John,

I'd argue that indoor lights, too, have done a whole lot more damage than any of us yet realize.

But then folks would throw me into the crackpot category.

I might tackle it here someday.