Friday, November 26, 2010

Veni, tweeti, vacate

"Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now."
Twitter's own words

  • Twitter is a wonderful way to send blips of information to lots of people.
  • Twitter is a fabulous way to share tips on teaching, on brewing, and even on clamming.
  • Twitter is a spectacular way to feel like your part of something important, even as you sit alone on your living room while the tide rises less than a mile away.

The downside?
  • You have to edit you "tweets" down to 140 characters or less, a problem for those of us with logorrhea.
  • We are mortal, and the tide cares for life in general, not for you in particular.
  • The universe is a bucketload more interesting than humans alone.

I'm a bigger twit than I gave myself credit for. Life's too short. I'm done tweeting.


Doug Noon said...

I lasted about six months. I gave it a whirl just to see what it was about, and I learned that I am more inclined to look at clouds. Blogging is... enough.

doyle said...

Dear Doug,

I'm a slow learner, it seems.

Real glad to see your words again at
Borderland. (I hope blogging is not quite enough for you--I'd love to see a book or three from you.)

Doug Noon said...

I don't know; I suspect you were better at using Twitter than I was, got more out of it, had more fun. Something. In the beginning I was concerned that I might "get hooked" on it. Ha, ha. Maybe I did learn something.

A book? Maybe so. thanks.

nashworld said...

Jesus... now I have to start paying attention to this URL once again. I just find Twitter's human face behind the feed to be more friendly than Google Reader.

Oh well, I suppose I can subscribe via RSS within Mac Mail.

Crabby crabberson.

doyle said...

Dear Doug,

Nudge, nudge....

Dear nashworld,

I'll still be tossing out notices when I post. I just can't handle the 140 character limit for discourse.

A lot of folks bristle a bit easily. We forget that here in north Jersey.

K. said...

I found this, looking for a fail whale graphic. I think an update is in order, sir, as I do believe I have interacted with you on said twitter quite a bit in the year plus since this was posted.

Shenanigans I say!

doyle said...

Dear K.,

Indeed--Twitter has become my got for links to new ideas.

You, sir, are the master of Prezi, this I know. If I get over the vertigo, maybe I'll give that a whirl, too.

If I can't be inconsistent here, where can I be?