Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DNA idolatry

We practice state religion in my classroom.

Here is the Central Dogma of Biology:

DNA --> RNA --> Protein

We worship a double helix mindlessly, memorizing details that mean nothing to its idolizers. I let an icon spin on the board, in marvelous colors, while I preach of its powers, its centrality to our lives.

We practice our chants: A with T, G with C.
We learn the sacred language of -ases and -ines,

If the children fail their DNA catechism in New Jersey, and cannot pass the state biology course, they must be re-educated.

Last week many, perhaps most, of my lambs were surprised to see seeds come out of a dead flower. Oh, I'm sure they've been told that a dozen times or so in their school careers, but .... We have become that disconnected from the world.

I'm bringing more flower heads in tomorrow. I've had enough modern religion in science class--time to teach that Olde Tyme Religion Biologie.

The image is from Annabeth Robinson here, used with permission.
She has some really neat stuff on her

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