Friday, September 24, 2010

Oprah, Cory, Mark, and Chris

My sister believed that so long as people are capable of change, and they are, we keep fighting.

I believe that within a decade or two, given the insatiable appetite of the economic elite, public education will be unrecognizable, if it even still exists.

So why do I teach?
  • Because the world is a wonderful place.
  • Because our essence requires that we dance, no matter what, no matter how we're judged.
  • I believe redemption is possible.
  • And most important, I believe we need to pursue excellence, truth, and love no matter who's banging at the gate. A lot of civilizations more honorable than ours have been extinguished. I pray a lot of civilizations more honorable than ours will rise again.
If you do not know why you teach (beyond the paycheck), please get out.

Somewhere in Newark my signature lies on several death certificates of children who should still be alive.

Somewhere in Newark my signature lies on orders written in vain (and ridiculous) efforts to save children the city, the state, the country, and the universe refuse to acknowledge.

I failed.

I wish for the sake of the children that Governor Christie and Mayor Booker and Oprah and Mr. Zuckerberg succeed. Maybe we need a knowingly ignorant Quattuorvirate to come in to save this town.

But I doubt it. I really do.

And in the meantime the children continue to suffer.


Loli said...

I teach because I breathe, I teach because it's good, I teach because children love to learn.

I teach because I hope, I hope because I teach.

doyle said...

Dear Loli,

What else can we do?