Saturday, September 4, 2010

Opening day goals

Teachers report Tuesday, students on Wednesday.

Tuesday's goals:
  • Find a pair of pants-> iron wash them
  • Find a tie that does not involve alcohol or sex or Disney
  • Find my shoes (I spend summer mostly barefoot)
  • Find a pen
  • Find a pen that works
  • Memorize my student roster
  • Say a prayer for the end of summer
Wednesday's goals:
  • Remind myself the universe is beyond my grasp
  • Remind myself that there is order in the universe (even if I cannot find my pants or a working pen)
  • Remind myself that I am only here to remind my students of the above--anything else is arrogance, nonsense, or both

Photo is "The Sun Sets at Harris Beach, 1938" from the National Archives;
1938 was 72 years ago--anyone who remembers seeing this particular sunset is more likely dead than alive.
But we still have the image.
Even if Homo sapiens goes the way of the Neanderthals,
the sun will still set on this same beach.
Yep, a repeat--school is a cycle.


Kate said...

Teachers report on Tuesday.
Students arrive on Friday.
Tuesday goals:
Write to my advisees and their parents
Be generous during opening meetings and remarks knowing I have to deliver a short speech on Wednesday - at 7:30AM

Wednesday goals:
Don't suck at 7:30 AM
Survive transition meetings
Celebrate Rosh Hashana dinner with family and friends

Joyce said...

<3 inspiring words