Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter beach walk

Yesterday was magic--we walked along a cold beach, frozen drifts poised over the incoming tide like gargoyles. I ground some red wheat berries for bread, and Leslie put together bean soup from scratch.

My brother unexpectedly called, and we joined his clan for dinner, carrying the pot of hot soup on a pine plank on my lap on the short drive over. (Hi, Karlyn!)

This morning the bay waters moved sluggishly, debating whether to solidify or stay liquid as a thick fog rolled in. We saw a couple of birds we did not recognize, likely Arctic visitors. A few live oysters were tossed on the beach, bumped off the jetties by the ice floes. I debated eating one, but figured the chilled gulls needed it more than I did.

I have just about finished Last Child in the Woods, an important book, and one I will have much more to say later.

For now, though, know this much (and I am not saying this is such a bad thing). If children reconnected with the world, if all of us got to spend an hour or two a day at the edge of wildness, or pick dried bread dough off our wrists, or just sit with good, cheap, food made with our hands, shared with those we love, well, the economy as we know it would collapse.

It's collapsing anyway.

Lesson plans faded from my thoughts as a short walk turned into a couple of miles along the winter beach.

Nothing I can show my lambs indoors can compare. I need to get them outside again.


Kate Tabor said...

I am blocks from the Lake (Michigan) and somehow I can't seem to get there in the winter. When I lived in Boston we made a frequent winter pilgrimage to Crane Beach in Ipswich. The frozen beach seemed so lively, although we were always the only people there. I looked on flickr and found this:
and thought of you.

Lake Michigan has been beautiful and moody. With the heavy snows, strong winds, and deep freeze the beaches are sculpted like a moonscape. The other day on a sub-zero morning the sunrise was spectacular as the lake steamed below it.

Your day sounds idyllic. I must go to the lake. And make soup. happy Tuesday.

Souly Catholic said...

@ Doyle
Interesting post. I started "Last Child in the Woods" tonight after seeing it mentioned in Ken Robinson's "The Element". So far it is very interesting. I'd love to hear your take on it when you are finished.

doyle said...

When I lived out in Ann Arbor, I did not take to Lake Michigan--no tides, no salt water. Still, I bet it is spectacular in the winter.

Yesterday I did not want to go back to what we pretend is more important.

The icy clam photo is pretty neat.

I'll be commenting soon, I think. I finished it. I'm digesting it. Something's not sitting right, but it may just be me being crotchety.