Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama

I ran around today trying to get a couple of televisions hooked up with bootleg antennas. The internet connection had been balky, and there were not enough seats for everyone in the auditorium.

Masking tape and speaker wire and a bit of luck combined to get a couple of TVs, relics of the 20th century, fired up for the day. No freezes, no glitches.

One of my students shrieked when she saw the television--she was going to see it after all.

The picture was a bit fuzzy, but no one complained.

President Barack Hussein Obama means a lot of things to a lot of people--but for a class of the lowest level freshmen in a town that borders one of nation's most devastated cities, he meant hope.

Please, President Obama, don't let these kids down.

Ironically I was one of the leading protesters against Channel One in our school, and we won.
Leslie reminded that we would have had an easy way to broadcast
the inauguration had I left it alone.


ertzeid said...

that, and the fact that bush is not in office anymore, are why i'm so excited about obama.

i don't agree with all of his politics. i don't know just how much he's going to be able to accomplish with today's realities. but today has been the best day in american politics since i was born.

... full disclosure: i was born during the reagan administration.

doyle said...

I have to echo your words--I haven't enjoyed seeing a helicopter leave D.C. that much since the summer of '74, but that was pre-ertzeid days.

I'm a bit nervous with his education pick Arne Duncan, and less than enamored with some of his others, but so long as President Obama remains transparent and uses his God-given brains, we have a shot of getting back the government that was stolen in 2000.

Leslie said...

"Leslie reminded that we would have had an easy way to broadcast
the inauguration had I left it alone."

Yes, but she must take equal responsibility for also speaking up against it at the Board of Ed. meeting.

Kate Tabor said...

We projected the whole shebang on the wall of the gym. A $30 Radio Shack HD antenna put through a VCR and projected with the LCD. Like the jumbo-tron only with 5-18 year-olds (and yes, the kindergarten was there)!

When the plane lifted off from Andrews AFB to Texas, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Dave Dempsey said...

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of Mary Beth yesterday. Eight years ago two friends, she and I drove all day January 19 from Michigan to protest the illegitimate inaugural of George W. Bush. It was a memorable experience (as were all Mary Beth moments). It would have been fun to celebrate yesterday with her.

Leslie said...

Dave, I was there with you guys, along with our daughter Kerry. I wish MB could be here to share this with us.

momomom said...

We have Channel One here. The kids believe that they ignored it but I think it is evil.

Hey, I had a stink bug fly at my face indoors the other day too.

doyle said...

@Dave and Leslie,

No words, really. I miss her terribly.

I think our school ended up doing the same thing--our science classes, however, were not invited due to limited seating, so we had to make do.

Channel One is a HUGE crack in the public school system--I am glad we won here, but I understand the pressures some BOEs feel.

If you have a brown marmorated stink bug, the local county extension might be interested. Rutgers wants mine!

momomom said...

I have no idea what kind it was but by memory yours looks like mine did ... but I don't have it, I waved it away and have not seen it since.