Sunday, March 11, 2018

Back into September light

September shadows return tomorrow.

March lettuce, started in the fall

The grackles, my favorite bird, are back, strutting around like they own the place, giving me the yellow eye, tossing over sticks and leaves and clam shells, eating pretty much anything that moves.

A lone crocus flower opened up for business, ready for any late winter bee foolish enough to wander out on this chilly, windy day.


I found the lettuce pushing up on the cold frame window. I may leave the frames open now, answering the prayers of the rabbits readying their nests for bunnies.

A March garden dinner sounds like peasant fare--kale, Egyptian walking onion, rosemary, various lettuces from the garden, bread and potatoes from Acme.

The first peas are tucked in the earth now, a week early, despite the nor'easter threatening to hit in two days. I have plenty more to plant.

As you get older, you realize you have far more seeds than you do time. 


Kate T said...

Just getting those peas in today - too much other stuff to do to get to the garden, but I got the bed turned and I'm ready to plant when I get home from work and voting.
My mother HATED grackles. They were loathed yard pests as far as she was concerned. She was a fan of the wren, the nuthatch, the junco (in the winter) and the finch. I rarely see them in my yard.
May the turn of the wheel of the year bring you sunlight, song, and something to ferment. Happy equinox, Doyle.

doyle said...

Dear Kate,

The grackles tear up my garden, strut like they own the place (and they do), but they are as much of the turn of the wheel as my gray hair, creaky back, and a heart that may bury me on a whim.

My peas are on hold--still too cold for them (or at least me).

And always thank you for the words.