Monday, May 8, 2017


You never know how it's going to go, especially acts of faith.
Which, of course, is what makes them acts of faith.

You toss a root into the ground, cover it with dirt, and hope.

And over the years, some take, and many do not.
But the ones that take define who we were, who we are, and who we become.

We can hide behind metaphors, of course, and day to day we (mostly) do.

But to the few who know us, a horseradish flower plucked under the rising sun of our 35th wedding anniversary seems enough.

For our 35th wedding anniversary in our 40th year together.


Mary Ann Reilly said...

Congratulations. A lovely tribute.

Unknown said...

Congrats. Our 37th (after 6 years "dating") will be this month as well. Also, too, I am retiring from 28 years of public school teaching after a 10 year career in "the real world".

Enjoy you moments.

mizukikahochi said...

This is so lovely <3 Congratulations! :)
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