Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trumpe-l'œil in Windows Paint Series

This is an archive of a self-indulgent "art" project, and I cannot even claim credit for the nifty title (my brother came up with that). I want to remember why I created each piece (though I've already forgotten the reasons for a few--too many concussions for one brain to handle).

All work done in Windows Paint, using cut and paste with some shading with brushes, no mean feat for a colorblind artiste.

Still, it's my party and I'll blog if I want to....

The latest entry to my oeuvre was a response to the unpresidented PEOTUS's lies about the timing of the CIA's notice of Russian meddling in the election.

This one is a nod to my boyhood here--I had no idea he was even more orange than Mr. FortySixPercent until I needed to shade the borders.

This one was supposed to counterbalance JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner" moment, but a friend of mine (and professional translator) pointed out that a Russian would not say it this way--but then, JFK's German was suspect, too, so I left it alone.

This was originally going to be a Trump and Steve Bannon portrait, but I liked the end result so much I left it alone. This may be my favorite--Dark Helmet is Trump personified.

"Groping Babes in Toyland" is my best pun, but only my aged friends get the reference. Just as well, that movie is sexist, misogynist, and racist, all wrapped under "tradition."

This was in response to Trump's cheap shot at Boeing with regard to Air Force One--but plays a little too heavily on the groping theme. Mr. Trump's visage (continuing with the French words sub-theme here) does make for a good blow-up doll, though.

Mr. FortySixPercent calls Taiwan, thinks Formosa is fabulous, plans to build a great wall across South China Sea--says China will pay for it--I bet J. Fred Muggs would fit right into Trump's Cabinet.

This one glorifies Mr. FortySixPercent's brilliant decision to bring the McMahon clan into his administration. I may re-do this one with Putin added and Trump's role switched.

Behind every bully is a moral coward--though I almost did not do this one because I like Bert Lahr so much. 

This is the original, inspiring the series--Trump as golden calf. Be careful who you worship, Evangelicals, be careful who you worship.

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