Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beltaine, again

“It is easy for me to imagine that the next great division of the world will be between people who wish to live as creatures and people who wish to live as machines.” 
Wendell Berry, Life is a Miracle

The increasing light, the returning horseshoe crabs, the bay rising, falling, and rising again, remind me what I'll forget again in a moment. If I were not mortal, the forgetting would not be sin.

But I am, and it is.

Belltaine again.


Kate T said...

Although the weather these last few days and the coming forecast belie the reality of May 1 - Beltane it is, and if I had any cows or any pasture I'd get them together straightaway. But as it is, I will plant more of the early garden, I will watch as the forsythia turns gold to green, and I will thank the lengthening days - knowing that we are alive, feet in the dirt (I have the most peasant of feet in my yoga class), eyes to the heavens, heart full of hope for my daughters.
Enjoy May.
Early flowers have the most intoxicating scents - lilacs, lily of the valley, hyacinths, apple blossoms -and dramatic colors - daffodils, tulips, forsythia
The days that we can be outdoors for more than a moment are coming soon.

doyle said...

Dear Kate,

I'm spoiled by the bay--we can venture out on mot wintry days, and unless the back bay is frozen, the clams beckon me into the long shadows of winter afternoons.

May seems more fantastic the older I get--we only have so many....