Friday, August 21, 2015

White on white

Part of the reason for my recent silence....

I am working on "White on White," a blog that will explore white privilege, geared towards white folk (like me).

I thought it would launch weeks ago, but the deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the muddier it gets, not the least because of the layers of subtle (and not so subtle) racism I need to dig through beneath my own epidermis.

At a minimum, a blog purporting to witness what appears to be obvious to some, oblivious to others, should do no harm. (Not no anger, not no outrage, not no hurt, but no harm.)

Starting a blog mostly for whites by whites certainly is nothing new--Trump is no accident--but asking whites to think about their own humanity enough to pose to other whites awkward questions they usually reserve for people of color could short-circuit faster than the clamming of pale lips when one of "those people" walks into a room unexpectedly.

Feel free to email me thoughts. I do not need ideas for material, Lord knows every hour of paying attention provides enough fodder for years. Just wondering if the pale folks among us think that a public forum by whites for whites to enlighten whites could work?

I welcome words, both here and (for now) privately.


Sue VanHattum said...

As long as people of color are clearly welcomed if and when they choose to come.

As a woman, I sometimes have serious issues with "men's groups". They are not always feminist. They can function to uphold male privilege. I know your intention is to create a space where we can unlearn racism, and become aware of privilege. And I know how easy it is to lose our way in these things.

(Remember to come visit if you are ever in the Bay Area.)

doyle said...

People of color will be welcomed--even saying as much, though, does draw lines, and makes the blog concept iffy.

I think, however, that the anticipated cacophony of defensive white voices at the outset with a few of us dancing to keep the whole thing from imploding while moving the conversation along will keep it from becoming too "clubby."

I trust you'll kick me in the ass if I lose my way. =)

Anonymous said...

Please please please do this. There are few people that I trust with this task, and you are one of them.