Saturday, May 4, 2013

My problem(s) with Kiera

The whole Kiera Wilmot kerfuffle made no sense at all until I saw her photo.

Trying to blow things up falls under white male privilege. Kiera has too much melanin and chromosomal material to qualify for that club. See what kind of nonsense happens when we elect a black President?

If I were the prosecutor, I'd have only one question for Ms. Wilmot:

Were you wearing safety goggles?

If not, well, sorry kid, 3 days detention for you.

For the record, I did something even dumber in school when I was 17, but used "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
In a state with giant reptiles fond of eating family dogs, don't they have bigger things to worry about?

Kierra photo from Miami New Times blog 
President Obama photo from Blogs


John Spencer said...

I tend to agree, but I see it less as white male privilege and more as white privilege. We live in a society where black males are still viewed as dangerous. (You could add Latino to the list as well) The case had less to do with gender and more to do with race. Had she been white or even Asian, it would have been detention instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to disagree. I think the punishment would have been exactly the same were she an albino Norwegian. My beef is with the whole "zero tolerance" business. At my first school, a student (white male) made and brought to school a spud gun and was put up for expulsion. Another (white female) brought a butcher's knife to use as a prop in a still life she was shooting for the yearbook was likewise disciplined (and actually expelled as I recall).

The zero tolerance programs are a prime example of killing the mosquito with a 500 pound bomb...silly, meaningless and mostly designed to prevent authorities from having to make difficult judgement decisions.

doyle said...

Dear John and cope,

Perhaps, but it is a big perhaps--I give the benefit of doubt to those with less power, because those with power have consistently taken the same.

Expulsion from zero tolerance policies is ridiculous and real, but multiple felonies takes this to another universe.