Sunday, April 14, 2013

To Serve Students

To Serve Students--with apologies to Rod Serling

As Arne and his cadre of Eraserheads mobilize our children for the global economy because, well, the whole point of education is to create a corps of corporate citizens, I keep thinking of Twilight Zone's To Serve Man episode.

Turns out the Common Core State[sic] Standards Initiative is a cookbook!

Scary thing is, Arne Duncan might actually believe that his actions are benevolent.
Funny what money and power do to aliens people.


Ms. M said...

I'm not sure what I love more more about this post - the brilliance of the analogy, or the allusion to my second favorite episode of my favorite show. (Burgess Meredith in "Time Enough at Last" is, of course, any good English teacher's favorite.)

doyle said...

Dear Ms. M,

Thank you for the kind words--I loved so many episodes, but still have nightmares about the gremlin on the airplane wing.

Jeffrey Michals-Brown said...

Picky point: Rod Serling, not Sterling.

doyle said...

Dear Jeffrey,

Not picky at all! And I grew up watching the guy. Thanks for the heads up.