Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another beachwalk

 More notes from the beach, mostly for me.

In August, it is easy to forget that the symmetric beauty of the shells cast on the beach were once living critters. In January, though, this makes sense.

The distorted carcass of a gull rotting on the beach  betrays its last flailing moments. Just a few yards away another gull drags its useless wing along the edge of the bay, unlikely to survive the next storm coming, picking at clumps of grass, nibbling on tiny crabs that fuel its last living hours.

The January sky is as blue as the sky gets around here--the mid-afternoon sun is higher than it was last week, but still too low to save this gull, this winter.

In the backyard, though, a few crocuses are already emerging from the ground, evidence of their faith that the sun is returning.

Photos  by us, usual CC nonsense applies


Kathryn J said...

Your post made me feel like I was walking on the beach too. I have seen the change in the sun but am awaiting new growth up here in the frozen north. I am glad to see the croci emerging at your place!

doyle said...

Dear Kathryn,

Our new growth may be in trouble after a week of temps as low as 11F.

But the beach is wonderful no matter what time of year. Not sure what I'd do without it.