Saturday, October 6, 2012

Learn to live

There is danger in letting life creep into a classroom. The lovely ivy creeping up the side of a wall ultimately destroys what the wall was meant to protect.

There is danger in letting voices chase their own music The beauty of a choir disintegrates into a cacophony of noise that threatens the calm order we cherish.

There is danger in public spaces. Kooks and oddballs and stray dogs threaten those of us who just want to get a little sun on a lovely October day.

October zinnias

We had a very long week here in Bloomfield, and it's going to be a long time before the sunlight soothes our sadness.

Our children showed us this week they can handle life outside our cinder block walls, that they can stand in silence when they needed to scream, that it's not the kooks and stray dogs we need to fear.

Our school motto is "Learn to Live"--and that's what we do here.

Not one corporation wasted a single tear about losing a potential worker for the global economy.


Anonymous said...

This week I started the "gourd collection." I can use mini gourds, as I have not yet found anyone who is allergic to them (no flowers or plants in my room!!).
"Are these real?" So I asked what she meant by real. Obviously if you are touching things, they are real, not imaginary. Is that what you mean? So we established that the words she was looking for were man-made or grown from a living plant. I told her they were real, at which she flung it with force on the floor and said, "Then why doesn't it break?" I asked why she had to break every beautiful, natural thing that she found. She swore at me and stomped off.

doyle said...

Dear Anonymous,

What a sad story and a wonderful teachable moment--up until you "asked why she had to break every beautiful, natural thing that she found."

While you do not know the specifics of the answer, you certainly can infer the general. And if you have a general idea why a child would do this, then you would not ask the last question you asked, at least not the way it was asked.

I hope she gets another chance to hold (and even smash) another gourd.