Saturday, May 19, 2012

NGSS and Achieve

I have been nipping at the heels of Achieve for a flawed draft attempting to push their corporate world-view into public schools. The board of Achieve is made up of "leading" state governors and high level businessmen.

You can squeeze crap into a platinum tube trimmed with gold, but when you squeeze it out, it still stinks.

I may be unfair. It may be that no committee can create the kind of document a teacher needs to effectively teach to a specific group of kids.

Individual teachers, however, create these sorts of documents daily--we call them lesson plans. We tailor them for our classes, playing to our individual strengths, adapting to the real-time assessments good teachers do every minute of class time.

When you're ready to listen, give one of us a call....


Here's a list of their contributors:


Tom Hoffman said...

Is heel nipping a step up or down from ankle biting?

doyle said...

Dear Tom,

I need to consult Chris Cerf on that one. =)

Anonymous said...

Many of the NGSS writers are science teachers. The NGSS are sponsored in part by the NSTA. The perspectives of science teachers have hardly been overlooked or excluded.

Also, I would have found it odd if business leaders had not been involved in the process. They don't control the process, but society clearly has an economic interest in the nature and quality of science education.

If you search for a conspiracy in any context, you'll find one. My question to you as a scientist would be, "How can your claim of subterfuge be falsified with empirical evidence?"

doyle said...

Dear Thing 1 (if that's who you are),

Um, it's about teaching science, not about creating workers. Public schools exist to promote a functioning republic, not to make a profit.

Not sure what you mean by "control the process" since Achieve is managing the NextGen development.

I'm not claiming conspiracy, I'm just reporting what you can read on Achieve's own website. I made no claim of subterfuge. It's all out in the open.

Calling this a "conspiracy" is like calling a bed of clams a conspiracy. They do what they do quietly, openly, and without a thought to the consequences. (No doubt they'd like me to clam up.)