Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank you Steve Dembo and Discovery!

I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to hang with some edu-gliterati folks at Discovery Education's Beyond the Textbook last week. It was fun hanging with the circuit crowd, listening to them talk of gigs, comparing notes and frequent flyer miles. Many had an aura about them, and I chased most of them down for autographs. I felt like a kid in the candy store.

I know a few were surprised to see me there, none as surprised as me. I've never written a book, never started a WikiEduSomething or a #EduSomethingElse. I don't speak particularly well, though happy I can speak at all (I'm pretty durn deaf), and I'm not photogenic. I have no advanced education degrees, never wrote a piece for The Huffington Post, and I'd rather clam than tweet.

I was born lucky, though (ask anyone who knows me), so there I was, and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you, Steve!

Full disclosure: my expenses were paid by Discovery and I got a Kari Byron (from Mythbusters) bobblehead talking doll--which now belongs to B362.


John T. Spencer said...

One of the people on the list who never ceases to amaze me in his insight and his humility is Dean Shareski. I had a blast talking to him at ISTE and then getting a chance to talk to his class awhile back. Class act guy.

Anonymous said...

You're a star to me. Thanks for keeping things grounded in reality - or at least trying to.

Peg Hartwig said...

Thanks for including a link to my blog post, offering everyone a chance to see what a great all inclusive 21st C learning product Discovery Education has to offer! I hope every Science teacher takes this free opportunity to try the DE Techbook for 60 days while taking advantage of the free training and support DE offers!

Teach42 said...

I'd say you're welcome, but really I'm the one that should be thanking you. From the beginning, it was vital to me that we had a variety of voices in that room, representing as many aspects of the education community as we could. And the ideas you shared were spot on and really helped to drive the conversation. Thanks for being a part of it and sharing it with your readers. I'm in agreement with anon, you're a star to me!