Sunday, January 1, 2012

A science teacher's resolutions

Say a prayer every morning honoring a mystery. A prayer for light, for life, for gravity, for cosmic rays, for the source of water. I pretend I know nothing. I want to know what knowing nothing really means.

Remind myself every morning, when I wake up, should I wake up, that I am mortal. Not as in some shimmery philosophical sense, but in the full entropic mess of death that marks the end of any life. Keeps one focused on what matters.

Continue to get outside. Every day. Hubris melts under the sunlight, dissolves in the rain.

Teach children science, as science. Every day. Not technology. Not trivia. Not as a means to better the economy. Teach children to know the world more today than they knew yesterday, to understand their place in the natural world. Why else teach?

Every minute spent on this machine is a minute in Dante's Bolgia 4.


CB said...

Delicious link to hell, thanks.

doyle said...

Dear Clay,

We've gone done what Dante predicted. I loved him when I first met him--I love him even more now, decades later.

Happy New Year!


Mary Ann Reilly said...


earlyade said...

Great prayer for the new year...