Friday, January 28, 2011


Despite his penchant for the Phillies, Chris Lehman strikes me as a mensch, a term I rarely use, and he promised me a cheesesteak. Sean Nash is there, who has bent my concept of friend. So is Jen Orr, who makes me think every time she blogs. And Jose Vilson, who, whether he likes it or not, is going to be a focal point of the next real revolution in public education, because he worries about the kids the charter schools leave behind, and because he's brilliant, and because he has cojones most of us lack.

I wanted to bang heads with Gary Stager, who seems to shy from real discussion in the virtual world (but then again I'm small potatoes). I hoped to tangle with Eric Sheninger, who has no problem exposing his lambs, though I suspect his heart is in the right place. I wanted to dance with Alec Couros, who has the 21st century view of privacy. I love conflict, because that's where we solve things.

I'm an old fart with a new-fangled virus coursing my veins--not sure if it's the California, Perth, or Brisbane forms making the rounds that got me, but I got got pretty good.

So it's wait 'til next year! If the EduCon registrations are transferable (and I have no idea if they are), let me know if you want in, and you can pretend to be me.

I'm sorry to kiss away the $150, even more sorry to kiss away the experience. On the plus side, I'm a huge believer in Home & School Associations--I did my part for the SLA.

And maybe someone can talk Principal Lehman into an EduCon lite for the summer when the teachers among the educationerati have a moment to breathe.

Sean, give them hell....



Chris Lehmann said...

Next year. :)

Feel better... I was looking forward to meeting you.

Alec Couros said...

I'll save a dance for you next year. Sorry you couldn't make it.

doyle said...

Dear Chris,

Great to wake up in the morning and see your warm words. Next year, indeed.

In the meantime, I'll keep reading your thoughts on
Practical Theory.

Dear Alec,

Thanks--your words have influenced me as my thoughts evolve.

nashworld said...

Ehhhh...... ol' sissy. What's a flu?

OK- just kidding. I've been wondering whether or not to get the shot as well. I haven't yet, but when told I had likely the first local flu of the season back in August, I first pondered it.

I went to Educon last year. I had an amazing time learning, questioning, thinking, meeting. This year I even presented. Actually, even dragged a out colleague to present with me.

That said, this was one I anticipated even a bit farther back. I thought this might be the place I'd finally get to shake your hand and personally remind you of how much your posts have meant to a Midwestern biology teacher for several years now. I figured we'd finally unite on commonalities of decent, love of the green fuse, good food, and crafty applications of EtOH (among many other things).

Life happens I suppose. If some rather change-ish things don't end up happening this summer... and I end up a year in stability for once (a fun & positive story for another day) and for all, perhaps I'll drag my little lambs to the East Coast.

I might know a guy who'll drag us through the mud... in a good way.