Saturday, July 3, 2010

Throw away your iron

You just saved a bundle of time tossing your television. Why not toss the iron along with it?
Here's an iron--it uses 1700 watts.What's a watt? A watt is a rate of doing work, which, I'd imagine, doesn't help much. Even less helpful is telling you it's a joule per second.

We could talk horsepower, I suppose--a few problems:
  • The definition varies
  • And who has any idea how powerful horses are anymore?
Let's say 1 horsepower=550 pounds one foot in one second; let's round it to lifting 1 ton up one foot in just under 4 seconds.

One horsepower translates into about 750 watts--the iron above is greater than 2 horsepower. That iron has enough power to lift a ton up 1 foot in less than 2 seconds.

Where does your power come from?
Your ironing requires a dammed river.
Your ironing requires a waste disposal site that will last beyond western civilization.
Your ironing strips away mountaintops.
For what?
To eliminate wrinkles. So you look presentable.

Toss it.


Jenny said...

My mother would be appalled, but you have just validated a major part of my way of life. Thank you.

doyle said...

Dear Jenny,

Isn't it sad that we feel like the oddballs at times?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I absolutely never use a dryer. I always hang my laundry outside to dry (except in rain or snow, then I hang the wet duds in the bathroom).

I think I deserve a pass on this one. I'm not going to walk into my classroom looking like I just dragged myself out of bed. I'm not giving up my iron. No way. Sorry.

doyle said...

Dear Magical Mystery Teacher,

You'll have to ask the Eternal Pass Grantor--I'm just a blogger.

You likely already know this, but some readers might not--clotheslines are banned in some neighborhoods.

I do have a question, though--aren't the clothes in reasonably good shape after hanging on the line?

(What would I know--it's a struggle for me to match my socks. So I don't.)