Saturday, April 17, 2010

Non sequitur

This is what we did before folks spent more time in their heads than out.

Not saying it's better, but it sure was different. Well, except maybe for the hat--I wore striped knit caps then, and I wear the same now. Call it Peter Tork Mike Nesmith syndrome.


Kate said...

Priceless photo. Thank you for sharing that and a memory of the Monkees.

Now off to laundry, clean house, check on oldest girl child who is at a job fair, grade reports, reading essays - oooh - and I might garden, too. That's my current 11 foot high snowman. Snow peas and a sea of arugula.

Leslie said...

And you haven't changed a bit.... =)

doyle said...

Dear Kate,

How are the snow peas doing? Mine are still in the stubby stage--maybe they'll burst skyward this week.

Dear Leslie,

And neither have you.... =)

momomom said...

So cute!

I need to blog it soon but OH BOY am I gardening this year. Sugar Snaps are about 4 inches and sending out searching tendrils!