Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Apprentice

"You're fired!"

It's been a week.

I will probably be fine, but I am the boy on the bubble in our department. This is my fourth year; everyone else here has been teaching longer.

Our district has been hit hard by budget cuts. Seniority trumps. I get all that.

When all is said and done, I will either be teaching here, or I won't. But I will still be teaching.

I will still wander over to the befuddled Dad trying to untangle a horseshoe crab from his daughter's line, taking a moment to teach a child how to hold the ancient critter.

I will still show my nephew how to rake clams from the muck, how to shoot a hockey puck, how to burp heartily from the basement of the bowel.

I will still point out Orion to strangers on cold February nights, gazing at the star nursery nestled in the Great Nebula, marveling at light and distances.

So I will still teach, as I have.

But I really, really hope I get to keep my sophomores (and seniors, see comments below) in Room B362.

The photo has the little AP thingie on it, though I found it elsewhere....
That's our new Governor. He yells at referees at his kid's hockey games.
He talks about himself in the third person.
I may start calling him Li'l Arne.

My Google Analytics stats fell off the map with this post--OK, no more evil Governor pictures....


JoeVol said...

And so it goes...

doyle said...

Dear Joe,


Hard to get too worked up on one of the most beautiful days I've ever breathed.

Kate said...

Oh boy - well, I'll go out and breathe this gorgeous air in and then hold my breath for you.

They'd be fools - you know.

lucychili said...

Winning a grant and losing funding.
What a roller coaster.
Safe landing.

Anonymous said...

and your seniors too*

doyle said...

Dear lucychili,

Yes, it's been a ride--today the union decides whether to give back yet another agreement--they were asked (and complied) with a giveback last month.

Tomorrow I present my little project to the Board of Ed.

Our first daffodil bloomed yesterday.

Dear anonymous,

Yes, my seniors, too. There's a difference, though.

My seniors are leaving the building soon, and if I do my job right (and it's always a work in progress), they will not need me after they leave.

My seniors chose to do biology--somewhere along the way their interest has already been sparked.

My AP seniors are the cream of the crop. Most of them would do fine with decent internet access, decent lab materials, and curiosity.

Now having said all that, I work much harder for my AP class than I do for my sophomores outside of class, but much harder for my sophomores in class. It's my sophomores who wander in after school for help.

I may have been too tough on my seniors this year, hard to say. They're on their way to tough colleges, and will soon see that what's considered gifted in high school will not provide the same edge as undergrads.

(I'm going to miss them--I'm not so good at good-byes. My sophomores will still be kicking around a couple more years.)