Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Luddite mushes a mash-up

This is my very first ever video, and likely won't stay up long.
No threat to the eventual winner of the Palme d'Or.


Kathryn J said...

Love it! I am glad I got here before you took it down. I think it should stay.


lucychili said...

Thanks for whimsy and ecology, thoughts and questions, openness and challenge in your blog.

Dr Campbell also challenges with heart and a quest for the real.

Barry Bachenheimer said...

Welcome to the world of mash up making. Well done!

doyle said...

Thanks all!

I've been tweaking it--all of a sudden timing, font color, image size, and a zillion other things become variables.

It's fun but time-eating, with lots of problem-solving, much like making ale.

Alas, when you're done, a megabyte is not nearly as satisfying as a pint.

Who knows, maybe I'll go tech crazy and even get me a cell phone.


(And I blame you, Barry, for getting me into this mess....)

nashworld said...


Nicely done. Clapping here... clapping.

Paul Cornies said...

Love the format. I notice it's through Blogger. Is it fairly user friendly?