Monday, March 16, 2009

Dredge fill

This is more for me than anything else.

We get bogged down in PSATs, HSPAs, UbDs, SATs, NJDOEs, KWLs, SQ3Rs, QQPs, IEPs, ESLs, NAEPs, NCLBs, AYPs, IDEAs, ADHDs, ADAs, FAPEs, ODDs, PDDs, TBIs, TTYs, CSTs, OCDs, DYFSs, SLDs, and all kinds of other capitalized nonsense that define a very limited human world that catches up with most of us.

And then I find myself on a moonscape.


Louise Maine said...

I find it hard to care about all of that once I am home and with a barn full of critters. There is nothing like lambing season to put things into perspective.

Kate T said...

One grand moonscape deserves another -
"And now we could see, what no eye on earth will ever see, that under the blaze of the day the harsh outlines of the rocks and ravines of the plains and crater floor grew gray and indistinct under a thickening haze, that the white of their lit surfaces broke into lumps and patches, and broke again and shrank and vanished, and that here and there strange tints of brown and olive grew and spread."

From First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells. Published 1901. Project Gutenberg e-text at

John Spencer said...

Wow! Where is that?

doyle said...

Dear Louise,

Critters keep us grounded, especially ones we eventually eat, so long as we eat them knowingly, fully, and thankfully.

Dear Kate,


Dear John,

Somewhere in the Township of Lower (that's the real name). Don't want to say much more than that since it's still easy to get into, but if you ever visit, I'll be glad to take you there.