Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tastes like (organic) chicken

That's my sister-in-law Gail.
She's slaughtering organic chickens. She looks happy!

Organically raised chickens taste good, don't require antibiotics, make good use of the land, and promote sustainable living.

They don't, however, slaughter themselves.

Some people in our county are protested the slaughter of deer in a local park. Most are decent, thoughtful folks. A lot of not-so-cute critters got slaughtered by their vehicles as they drove to the protest.

We are all part of the chain, there's no way around it. Some opt out of the carnivorous aspect, and that's fine--much cheaper to eat food lower on the food chain, and vegetarians do leave a few more calories around for other
humansliving things to consume.

Organic farming worked before the second great war, and it continues to work where it's practiced today.

You might even feel a bit smug paying the extra dollar for locally raised organic livestock.

But someone's still got to slaughter the chickens.

I don't think I'll see any slaughtering of livestock in the classroom in my lifetime. I do think, though, that it would be a valuable experience.

I bet Gail does, too.

The first picture was sent by Gail, the second one is from Real Time News, January 29, 2008

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YoNaturals said...

Someone has to do the dirty work - way to step up!