Friday, May 18, 2012

Et tu, College Board?

"The College Board was founded with a deep commitment to equity and must play a critical role in helping all students achieve high academic standards to thrive intellectually and to compete in a global economy." 
We. Are. Screwed.

I am resisting a very obvious, funny caption here--

David Coleman, the "architect" of the Common Core standards, has made a career at pretending that public education is about making careers. He's gotten very rich doing this.

He's never taught in a public school classroom.
He's never "competed in a global economy."
He's never raked clams.

The College Board may well be committed to equity now, but that was not its founding goal. You can read its founding goal on the College Board website:

The SAT replaced it in 1926.

I do not know much about Mr. Coleman, and he knows even less about me. But I know a bit about public ed, and I when someone's fibbing.

Arne Duncan loves him. So does Jeb Bush.

He also said this:
[A]s you grow up in this world you realize people really don’t give a shit about what you feel or what you think.
Maybe that's true in his world. Maybe that's why the College Board needs to pay over $600,000 $1,000,000 for its CEO.

But I do, and so do a lot of others.

Your in my space now, Mr. Coleman, and you're screwing with my kids, kids who currently pay $87 a pop to support your salary.

I suspect you'll be hearing more from me.

There is a very short list of people with whom I'd never break bread, even if I were offered a million dollars for my trouble.. 
A former President is one of them. Mr. Coleman is on the list. 


David said...

Yeah, I read this, and was horrified!

David Coleman is also on the board (or was until very recently) of Students First, Michelle Rhee's project (intended to privatize education).

doyle said...

Dear David,

I missed that until I saw your comment. There was a nice give and take on Diana Ravitch's blog recently.

I suspect the man is seriously confused, a sociopath, or has drunk too much of his own juice.

He is still on the board, until June at the earliest. Sad, just sad.

amoore said...

Please state precisesly where you found the quote you listed indicating that Coleman said no one gives a shit about what you think and feel.

So far I found the following at roughly the 23 minute of part 6 of the link you provided:

"..critical thinking is not just what you feel or think about something..."

Clearly this statement is not the same as what you quote him as saying; neither in part or in the whole. As their is so much video to watch and listen to, I would appreciate your directing us to the specific point supporting your claim.

amoore said...

First let me say that I've been enjoying your blog today.

Personally I am of the opinion that it is reasonable to be skeptical regarding Coleman and the College Board. Actually I'm just generally skeptical (could probably due with being more skeptical regarding my own ideas).

On that note, the NY Times doesn't agree with you on what he's getting paid by the College board

"Mr. Caperton came under some criticism for his salary of $1.3 million; Mr. Coleman will earn a base of $550,000, with total compensation of nearly $750,000."

doyle said...

Dear amoore,

Here's how you do this--download the transcript that comes with the video (it's a pdf file), and search for a phrase from the quote. I used "grow up in this world" but any few words from the quote will work. Bingo!

NY officials did opt to change "shit" to "sheet"--you can find it on page 10, p3, l5. He has a point, too--as do many folks with his worldview. I obviously disagree with his view, for good reasons.

As far as the salary goes, I was referring to the current College Board CEO salary, which is indeed over a million dollars per year.

Coleman will earn a base of over half million per year--not bad for a non-profit.