Wednesday, May 2, 2012


“It is easy for me to imagine that the next great division of the world will be between people who wish to live as creatures and people who wish to live as machines.” 
Wendell Berry, Life is a Miracle

The increasing light, the returning horseshoe crabs, the bay rising, falling, and rising again, remind me what I'll forget again in a moment. If I were not mortal, the forgetting would not be sin.

But I am, and it is.

Bealtaine again.


This Brazen Teacher said...

Ran across this the other day and thought of you. I was going to share, but didn't. After this post, I figured I would :)

doyle said...

Thanks for the link. I suspect my hours on the tidal flats do me as much good as any psychotropic does on anyone.

A lot cheaper, too, with far fewer side effects.