Thursday, August 18, 2011

What your child's science teacher believes

This is from last year--as the school year approaches, I like to lay things out, re-evaluate them, tweak as need be.

I may be teaching your child soon--here are some of the things I believe:

General Jack D. Ripper had a point, fluoridating public water is a bad idea.

Not all vaccines mandatory for public school in NJ should be mandatory, and that using a healthy abortus for a common vaccine may be ethically dubious.
Tithonus and the rubella vaccine

Drinking from a public water fountain is safe and a good idea, and charter schools are neither.
Public water and charter schools

However, drinking water held in bottles made with an estrogen-like agent is dangerously stupid.
Sylvester McMonkey McBean and the FDA

Our Federal Secretary of Education is under-qualified.
I really don't like Arne

I have a bit of a religious streak, inconsistent as it may be.
Eating in a science class

But I have little tolerance for those who dismiss descent with modification with little (or no) thought. Evolution is the heart of biology.
Darwin in the classroom

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Tracy Rosen said...

I love all of these things about you. Especially the point about water. Amen to the water fountain though I definitely prefer my own cold well water.

I don't really know what a charter school is but I'll take your word for it that they aren't safe nor good for least until I ever need to know what they are. If that ever happens I may need to actually find out for myself.