Saturday, August 27, 2011

Science and the art of Perrymandering

I could be a Rastafarian, a witch, or a Hindu. Maybe I'm a Jainist, a Buddhist, or a Scientologist. I might worship the sun, the moon, or maybe even both.

As a science teacher, it matters not a whit.

And here we have potential future Presidents insisting that Intelligent Design belongs in my science class.

I spend a lot of time defining science, more time than many, but it's time well spent. If you have no idea what science is, then either learn or, well, clam up.

Truth be told, I'm mostly a pre-Constantinian primitive Christian, who happens to be confirmed a Roman Catholic.  
Which is not a Fundamentalist--not even close.
But thanks for asking

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John T. Spencer said...

Just for the record, I don't believe in atoms. Or entropy for that matter. Both are nice theories. Both are built on models. Nice pictures. Like comic books, I suppose.

I don't believe in gravity and I'm pretty sure that if I try my hardest to not believe in gravity, I'll finally be able to fly.

doyle said...

Dear John,

Point taken--I don't"believe in" anything scientific, except maybe uniformitarianism, without which none of this works.

John T. Spencer said...

And I would add that uniformitarianism takes a decent level of faith. On my worst days, it's really hard to believe in something as simple as the earth tilting back again and restoring a temperature range that is not approaching 120.

Sean Nash said...

Your religious "denomination" is pretty much 99% aligned with mine... both formally (i'm guessing) and informally (where I have a bit more information.

That said... I'm writing a blog post. You're always an element of my "audience" and have been for some time. Regardless of what I say, or don't say... I think about how you might read my words. Scary, eh?

So yeah, I clicked in to copy the URL to the homeland here, and as always... you dragged me into more than I had bargained for.


PS- Educon this year?

Sean Nash said...

And more....... that "audience" comment will be clearer in the post. (which will likely suck- I'm WAY out of practice) You know... toddlers & such. Grand times!


doyle said...

Dear Sean,

We need to get under the same roof and chat. Educon, maybe--Late January in Philly is asking for trouble.

And I'm waiting for that post--I keep wandering over to your blog hoping....