Monday, November 15, 2010

I like bees

Nectar's tough to find in November, but the bees are still at it.
We're still at it, too, whatever this "at it" thing is.

I'll get back to Arne, and teaching science, and all that other nonsense when the bees decide to give it a rest for the winter. I'll get back to the important stuff.

Buzz, buzz, buzz--they won't sting me unless I do something stupid, like step on one.

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John T. Spencer said...

We have tons of bees year round. I'm not sure why. They seem to love the orange trees in the spring and they hang around the basil in the winter. In the summer, they just kind of hang around wherever - mostly in the neighbor's bougainvillea plants.

Micah's been stung twice. Each time it was because he stepped on one in the grass and each time he seemed more devastated that he killed on than that it stung him.

My students think I'm insane for not being afraid of bees. I have them look up the chances of death by bee sting to death by car accidents and they still think I'm crazy. Cars seem safe because we "understand" them, though in fact an engine is mostly magic to us.

Maybe it's that we're just more acclimated to cars and on some level I find that not only unsettling but actually a bit depressing.

All this to say that your post reminded me of the deep reality that we are afraid of the wrong things.