Sunday, June 20, 2010

On experts, two

I got stung by a honeybee yesterday. I like to walk barefoot, and our backyard is covered in clover.
Aside from the few moments of ouch, I don't react much. It's cool finding the stinger sac still attached, pumping away more venom, if you're in a detached mood. I scraped off the stinger, let the pain wash over my foot for a few minutes, and that was the end of it.

End of the bee, too, alas.
If you are ever attacked by a swarm of bees, the USDA recommends that you run as fast as you can without flailing your arms while simultaneous pulling your shirt up around your face.

1. RUN away quickly....
2. As you are running, pull your shirt up over your head to protect your face....
3. Continue to RUN.

At least until you find shelter. Don't pull a Yogi Bear, though--if you jump underwater, they'll be waiting for you when you surface to breathe.

This would be a fun scenario to practice in class--break down the directions, try to implement them, and discuss the results. I like it so much I may try step 2 on my own today.

It's June--my words wither under the joyful June light.
Yogi gleaned from Clipart for Free.


Tracy Rosen said...

I'd probably end up running straight into the tree where the rest of the bees are holed up with that shirt over my head. Would make an interesting story to tell at school the next day, though.

doyle said...

Dear Tracy,

It's a real trick, no? I may have to practice for weeks!

Or maybe I'll just leave the bees alone,aside from occasionally stepping on one or two by accident.

Kelly said...

I am giggling to myself after reading this post - isn't that what life is anyway? All of us running around with our shirts over our heads, trying to get away from getting stung?