Saturday, June 19, 2010

Biology exam

Study the following pictures carefully:

Which is the walrus (Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus)?
Which is the ass (Equus asinus beipeipetrolius)?


Unknown said...

At least we have a congressional representative willing to apologize for the "shake down."

Let me get this straight: Spill hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf and you get to keep your military contracts. Work where test scores are low and it's time for "accountability" and you fire the whole staff.

Anonymous said...

But, presumably thanks to the excellent planning, zero dead walruses have washed up on the beaches in the Gulf.
So,the plan for no failures is clearly the same - just don't work where there might be any less successful students.

doyle said...

Dear John,


Dear Anonymous,

Good point! Alas, a dead sperm whale was found a couple of days ago.

DRP said...